Nutella surprise coconut muffins

I had some leftover coconut flakes and Nutella in my cupboard and I wanted to combine them into one treat. I searched my favorite recipe engine, FOODILY, for a muffin recipe and decided to go with a yogurt-based batter. The recipe called for whole milk yogurt but I used the low fat kind because that’s what was already in my fridge. I knew the substitution would make a huge difference but went against my better judgment. The muffins turned out good but they didn’t rise as much as I expected them to, and kind of got stuck to the paper liners.

Since I wasn’t totally satisfied with the end result, I won’t share the recipe with you. Substitutions are just a bad idea when it comes to baking, man…

BTW, does anyone else find this commercial absolutely ridiculous? What does she mean by “a hint of cocoa” exactly?


  1. iamahoneybee says

    yeah.. that commercial doesn’t make any sense. I treat nutella as a treat (one that I typically eat on toast when drunk in the middle of the night), not for breakfast!

      • iamahoneybee says

        I crave salt 99% of the time. seems like that is the 1% of the time crave something sweet.