Fresh out of the kitchen

Cocktail Hour: Orange Moscow Mule

Orange-Moscow-Mule-Cocktail (4)

Since moving into our own place a few months ago, Rene and I have really been enjoying building our home bar. “Home is where the liquor is” – isn’t that how the saying goes? Crabbie’s ginger beer is one of our new favorite cocktail ingredients. I first got to sample Crabbie’s at Edible Manhattan’s Good… 

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Pineapple rum cake (featuring Diplomatico Anejo Rum)

When I first agreed to create a rum cake recipe using Diplomatico Anejo rum, I honestly had no idea what a rum cake was (a great way to accept a challenge, no?) The only rum cake experience I’ve had was at a food event, where one of the vendors was serving a delicate, frosting-less vanilla… 

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Favorite Foodies: Alana Kysar of Fix Feast Flair

“Favorite Foodies” is a Q&A-style series in which I feature people I admire from the food world. I first stumbled upon Alana’s blog Fix Feast Flair through Twitter, and was immediately charmed. I loved her minimalist yet beautiful photographs and approachable voice, and knew the woman behind this blog must have major style (turns out I was… 

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Walnut-tahini cookies

Tahini – ground sesame paste – is basically the peanut butter of the Middle East and western Asia. Instead of sweet applications, it is traditionally found in savory dishes like hummus, baba ganoush, and drizzled atop crunchy falafel. In the last couple of years, tahini has made a name for itself in the U.S. too… 

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Even Better With an Egg: Garlic-tomato fried brown rice with cilantro pistou

Even Better With an Egg is a series dedicated to my personal aspiration to turn every meal into brunch. When I first thought of this series, I tried to recall dishes I’ve had in the past that could’ve used a little extra oomph. Garlic tomato fried rice from Bunker Vietnamese came to mind almost immediately. I remembered… 

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Cocktail Hour: Apple-ginger sparkler

I tend to shy away from cocktails that contain various liquors, flavorings, juices, etc. Opting for simplicity instead, I believe the secret to making a great drink – like a great dish – is using high-quality ingredients. There is just no need to hunt down ten obscure items to make one cocktail, amiright?  For this, I… 

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Ukrainian chocolate kielbasa

In the practice of food styling, props are meant to complement the recipe, build a story, and make the food look as delectable as possible. Typically, the recipe is chosen first and the styling decisions are made after. But, once in a while, a very special ‘prop’ comes along and begs to be found a… 

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