Fresh out the kitchen

The pros and cons of brunch at Joseph Leonard


Joseph Leonard‘s is the type of brunch you read about, hear about, put on your “Restaurants to visit” list, and think about going to at least every other weekend. The place is supposed to be so great, so charming, and the food so good, that it gains a nearly cult-like significance – much like Buvette a few… 

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Arepas w/ mango and pickled red onion

Prior to making arepas (South American fried corncakes) this weekend, I had never had an arepa. I’ve heard aproned ladies shout “Corn arepas!” at street fairs before, but never ventured so far as to try one. However, being partial to all corn-based foods – tortillas, papusas, corn bread – I’ve been interested in making them… 

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Miso-ginger kañiwa with kale and mushrooms

Firstly, no, I did not misspell quinoa. Kañiwa (kah-nyee-wah) is actually another super nutritious seed to have recently hit the market, and it happens to be quinoa’s close South American cousin. Kaniwa looks like tiny reddish-brown quinoa, has a similar nutty taste and nutritional profile – it’s a great source of iron, protein, fiber and amino… 

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6 best lunch spots in Flatiron

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, or following me on Instagram, you know that I recently moved. Not the kind of move where you just lug your stuff from one place to another – I moved in a sort of big way. At 23, I finally moved out of my family’s home, moved… 

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Berg’n, the new cool kids’ hangout in Crown Heights

Ever wonder what it’d be like to return to your high school’s cafeteria after-hours and drink beer with the cool kids? If yes, then a visit to Berg’n – the new massive beer hall from team Smorgasburg – will be a dream come true. Located in the gentrifying neighborhood of Crown Heights, it occupies the… 

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I’m a big kid now.

I remember the first time we ever talked about it. It was when I was visiting Rene up at school in Pennsylvania, back in 2012.  We had only been dating for a few months but somehow brought up the idea of moving in together. At first we laughed at it, but within minutes both realized… 

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Cauliflower Frittata for Meatless Monday

Let’s face it: cauliflower is kind of a reject vegetable. When has anyone ever said, “I really wish I could have some cauliflower right now.” That’s right. Never. Maybe because it looks like discolored broccoli, or its sorta funky smell, but people just don’t seem to love it. It recently gained some traction with the… 

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