Fresh out of the kitchen

Cocktail Hour: The Daisy


As far as awesomeness-per-ounce goes, herbs pretty much take the cake. Just a small amount can add freshness, powerful nutrients and aesthetic value to almost any dish. Dill, for example – an herb I am very familiar with and fond of thanks to my Eastern European heritage – has an earthy, bright flavor, and a… 

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For the love of vegetables at Ellary’s Greens

Rene spent a large part of the last two weeks being sick. If you’re not familiar with pancreatitis, it’s exactly as not fun as it sounds. This past weekend he actually had to fast, preceding an equally un-sexy liquid diet of green smoothies and water-based vegetable soups. By Monday he was eating some solid foods again,… 

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How to organize a small kitchen

When I see people on HGTV criticize the size of what seem to me perfectly comfortable suburban kitchens, it really grinds my gears. Us New Yorkers will never know the joy of empty cabinets, let alone entire spare bedrooms. When Rene and I first saw what is now our apartment, we thought there was no… 

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Charleston-Poogans-Porch-Brunch (4)FT

Charleston, you stole my heart.

I don’t know if it’s because the weather was heavenly, because it was the first big city stop of our road trip, or because it truly is magical, but I fell completely in love with Charleston. If there was a meter for how many times I said “Oh my God, this is so beautiful” while… 

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Memphis (9)' FT

Road Trip Recap (pt.3): Charlotte, Savannah, Memphis, Nashville

We arrived in Charlotte, NC – the first stop on our road trip down south – late on Christmas day. We were pretty exhausted from the 10-hour drive, and since everything was closed for the holiday, we ended up having dinner at the hotel and going to bed early. The following day, we started out… 

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New Orleans (44) FT

Road Trip Recap (pt. 2): New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is notorious for its parties, live music and Creole food, and we certainly got a taste of all three while passing through there on our road trip. There was live music in every bar and on every street corner in the French Quarter, and po’ boys seem to be their equivalent of NYC… 

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Austin (56)' FT

Road Trip Recap (pt. 1): Austin, TX

When I heard the surprise announcement at work that we’d have nearly two weeks’ paid time off for the holidays, my first thought was, “Paris.” But realizing I only had a few weeks to buy plane tickets and how costly they’d be this time of year, my dream was quickly shattered. Rene took the opportunity to not-so-subtly… 

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