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Brunch at The Roundhouse in Beacon Falls

Roundhouse-beacon (5)' FT

Aside from the Dia modern art museum and the tons of little shops on Main Street, The Roundhouse in Beacon is a must-visit address. Located inside a historic industrial building that anchors a natural waterfall, the hotel is outfitted with the most modern of amenities, which includes three restaurants. We didn’t stay at the hotel during… 

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What’s up in Beacon, NY

Located just about an hour away from Grand Central via the Metro-North, Beacon is a small town in New York State. With promise of a prevalent art scene, good food and a nature-meets-city vibe, the town has become the go-to weekend destination for young New Yorkers. Rene has been talking about us going there for… 

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Turmeric milk, a natural anti-inflammatory medicine

It’s amazing, and unfortunate, how dependent we all are on anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen (Advil) and aspirin. Menstrual cramps? Take a pill. Hangover? Take a pill. Back pain? Take another pill. Taking pills to treat mild symptoms has become so commonplace that we never question if the drugs we’re taking are helping us or actually… 

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Casual elegance, killer tapas at Victor’s in Provincetown, MA

A few weeks prior to our departure to Cape Cod, I asked Abigail (a friend from Boston who’d be joining us on the trip) to pick a place for us to have a nice dinner. We usually eat at the campsite or at the more casual places on the Cape but this year, I wanted… 

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Cape-Cod-4 FT

Cape Cod 2014 photo diary

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since last summer’s trip to Cape Cod yet there it goes – another year has passed. With the exception of hurricane Arthur’s twenty-four-hour wrath ruining the 4th of July (trying to sleep through 40 MPH winds and heavy rain in a tent in the woods is not… 

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Beet-cake FT

Beet Cake

The New Greenmarket Cookbook was going around my office a few weeks ago and landed in my hands. I spotted this gorgeous, rustic beet cake on the cover and immediately took note of the recipe. Being an avid lover of carrot cake and beets (especially beet juice), I knew this recipe was meant for me…. 

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5 simple breakfast ideas

You know those perfectly orchestrated weekday mornings when everything goes smoothly and you’re out the door just in time? Yeah, me neither. Weekday mornings are hectic and if you’re like me, you often find yourself rushed, disgruntled and uttering all sorts of colorful language before 8am. There always seems to be just one more thing… 

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