Fresh out of the kitchen

Favorite Foodies: Emma Gonzalez of Eat Our Feelings


“Favorite Foodies” is a Q&A-style series in which I feature people I admire from the food world. For this installment of Favorite Foodies, I am so excited to feature Emma Gonzalez, half of the duo behind Eat Our Feelings. Eat Our Feelings is a food-centric web series about two twenty-something New York girls, trying their… 

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Broccoli salad with walnuts and garlic-tahini dressing

Whenever I’m having people over for a buffet/family-style meal, I map out my menu by first deciding what the main protein will be. For brunch, it’s always a frittata. For dinner, it’s usually boeuf bourguignon. This past weekend, my parents came over for an early dinner and I decided to make oven-poached salmon. Along with… 

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Cocktail Hour: Christmas in July

“Cocktail Hour” is a monthly series in which I try my hand at making simple yet impressive cocktails at home.  When brainstorming cocktail recipes, herbs are often my favorite place to start. Herbs can act as that essential base note in a cocktail, and I just love figuring out what other flavors to pair them… 

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How to create a simple brunch menu

Sunday brunch is a great low-stress way to have friends over for a meal (second to ordering in pizza). People won’t expect you to pull out a three-course meal with wine pairings, like they would, say, for dinner. And you don’t have to worry about entertaining people through the entire evening, since Sunday is a… 

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Baked salmon with buckwheat kasha and cilantro pistou

Ever since quinoa made the huge splash that it did on the food scene, grains and seeds have been a major trend. I’ve been enjoying discovering various varieties myself, including bulgur and wheatberries. Thanks to their high protein and mineral content, seeds and grains are indispensable in [mostly] vegetarian kitchens like mine. Buckwheat was beyond… 

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Yuca-fries-recipe (3)

Baked yuca fries with creamy cilantro dip

Yuca (also known as cassava) is one of those vegetables that if you didn’t grow up eating, you probably won’t cook for yourself. And who could blame you? Yuca is large, unyielding, and its skin resembles tree bark. Even if you’ve ever expressed a curiosity in it, the thought of having to tame it to… 

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Onion confit grilled cheese

Most of us are of the romantic opinion that all French people all over France eat heavenly, flaky croissants every morning for breakfast. As most romantic worldviews, it is not true. Most French people actually have toast with butter and jam (confitures) as their first meal. When I was last in Paris, I bought a… 

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