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Road Trip Recap (pt. 3): The Beauty and Bounty of California


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve told you about the two main destinations of our California road trip – LA and San Francisco. In this last road trip recap (*le sigh*), I want to share some of what we saw while passing through, including Santa Barbara, Big Sur (!!!), Carmel and Yosemite. My dream… 

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Muhammara toasts with goat cheese and cucumber

Okay, so do you guys remember that scene in Sex and the City 2 when Carrie runs into Aidan at that souk in Abu Dhabi and he lures her to his hotel under the pretense that they have the best muhammara in the city, where they eventually end up (spoiler alert!) kissing? Well, I am… 

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Road Trip Recap (pt. 2): San Francisco

Ah, San Francisco. The fantastical hills, the beautiful colors, the dreamy fog; the setting of many classic movies and TV shows; the sweeping Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve wanted to visit this city for a long time, and even though we spent less than two days there on our road trip, the impressions I left with… 

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Orecchiette with asparagus, prosciutto and toasted bread crumbs

Last week, I eagerly marched over to the farmers market hoping the offerings would be caught up to the heavenly spring weather we’ve been having lately. But, the scene was pretty grim – mostly potatoes and root vegetables, apples and some greens. Asparagus, though, was aplenty. I’m not even a big fan of asparagus, but… 

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Road Trip Recap (pt.1): Los Angeles

Since our road trip down south over Christmas, I’ve officially been bitten by the road trip travel bug. It’s so exhilarating to drive through different landscapes of the country, get acquainted with numerous cities, and track down amazing foods, all in a matter of days. You gather so many impressions and memories, which really makes it… 

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Mu-Ramen-LIC (5)

Why LIC’s Mu Ramen is Totally Worth the Hype

When I first heard a ramen place was opening in our neighborhood, I was thrilled. Rene and I are big ramen lovers, and seeing as this was in the dead of winter, we were psyched for some steamy noodle-slurping action. Naturally, everyone else in the neighborhood (and lots of visitors, too) had the same idea…. 

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Crack Brussels sprouts with bacon and kimchi

There are few higher honors for food than comparing it to drugs – namely, “crack.” I confess, I’ve never tried crack or anything remotely like it, but using the word really drives the point home, doesn’t it? The inspiration for this dish comes from Barn Joo, a gastropub near my work that has a great… 

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