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Hill Country Chicken

Hill-country-chicken-nyc (3) copy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – New York City has the best fast food. Indian doughnuts, Korean rice balls and specialty hot dogs for stoners, we have it all! Here, you can eat exceptionally well for ten dollars or less, whereas in other American cities, you’d probably have to resort to… 

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Best-brownies-ever (7)

The best brownies ever

This post has been updated from its original March 28, 2011 version.  My friend Sofya hosted a girls’ brunch at her house this weekend and naturally, I embraced the role of head chef for the day. For dessert, I wanted to make something that everyone would be sure to love and that I could make… 

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Friday Finds

Woo hoo! Friday Finds is back. #yay   1. Williamsburg is now home to a giant five-floor Urban Outfitters store/bar/restaurant complex. Sounds like a Herald Square Macy’s for the millennial boho-chic crowd, no? Anyone been there yet? 2. The Brooklyn IKEA is apparently hosting brunch on Easter.  The menu isn’t available but advance tickets can be… 

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Best hangover remedies: What to eat the morning after

So last night you were all… But this morning, you’re like… Yup. The results are in: You had a little too much fun last night and now you’re hungover. Symptoms include but are not limited to: a pounding headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, fatigue, a general ickiness, regret and self-hatred. You’re also probably wondering why,… 

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Exo-cricket-protein-bars (7) copy

Farm-to-table crickets: Are we ready for cricket protein bars?

Last night, I attended a food media event called Taste Talks NYC. On the way out, I was handed a swag bag (score!) and from within said bag, I nonchalantly pulled out an informational flyer for Exo protein bars. The flyer boasted that the bars are all-natural, gluten, soy and dairy-free. And, that they are… 

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Almond-cranberry-buttermilk-scones (1)

Almond-cranberry buttermilk scones

The slightly irregular shape, the golden brown tops, the crumbly texture and buttery flavor make scones one of my all-time favorite sweet treats. Scones and biscuits are actually almost the same, except biscuit dough tends to have more butter and scone dough, more sugar. But while biscuits are a staple of savory Southern-style brunch, scones… 

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If you are reading this, you’ve probably noticed that Chez Sasha has gotten a long-awaited and well-deserved face-lift! The new design is cleaner and sleeker, and alas makes my blog mobile responsive. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, but overall I’d say it’s looking pretty sexy. What do you think?  I’ve… 

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