Fresh out the kitchen

Hachis Parmentier (French Shepherd’s Pie)


A few weeks ago, Rene and I met up in Greenwich Village on Friday night with no particular plans in mind. Strolling through what happens to be my favorite neighborhood in the city, we passed Buvette. I’d tried going in there several times before but the wait for a table was ridiculously long and ain’t nobody got… 

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NYC Restaurants for Francophiles

Fellow francophiles out there will probably agree that one of the best things about Paris is its cafes and restaurants. The simple yet elegant food, the lingering over a single boisson for hours while reading the paper, the laid back-ness of it all – it’s just so quintessentially French. Classic Parisian restaurants generally have in… 

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Even Better With an Egg: Vegetable Pad Thai

Arriving home after a tiring day of work a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to a warm dinner and a cold beer, and decided to make a quick vegetable pad thai. Upon taking the first bite, I realized I’d forgotten to add the egg in my haste. Then I thought, wouldn’t this… 

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Roasted sweet potato and peanut soup

This soup was supposed to be a clean-out-the-fridge kinda dish. I needed to use up an open container of vegetable stock, some sweet potatoes and dried out bread, and decided to make roasted sweet potato soup. I didn’t mean for it to be a “blog recipe” but it turned out to be one of the… 

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A great chip worthy of a great dip (featuring Ocean’s Halo chips)

Chips are not something I – or recommend that you – eat often. The usual corn and potato chips are full of no bueno stuff, including copius amounts of salt, and dangerous preservatives and fats. Not only are they unhealthy, but their high concentration of chemicals and sodium makes them addictive and thereby even more… 

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Favorite Foodies: Sarah Coates of The Sugar Hit

“Favorite Foodies” is a Q&A-style series in which I feature people I admire from the food world. For the first installment of this new series, I’m super excited to introduce Sarah Coates, the gal behind one of my favorite food blogs, The Sugar Hit. Sarah’s writing is witty and to-the-point, her photography stunning, and her… 

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My phone, the gastronome: 13

Some great meals have been had lately and attention must be paid. Brunch with my favorite gal pals at Ox Cart Tavern in Brooklyn. Crunchy fried chicken breast with a creamy sausage gravy, two poached eggs, a homemade biscuit and roasted apples. And don’t forget about that beer AND coffee. Admittedly this was after a… 

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