Fresh out of the kitchen

Le District: A French food lover’s paradise in NYC


Ah, oui… le fromage, les croissants, les crêpes – they are all here. Le District is a French-inspired marketplace in downtown’s Brookfield Place that’s just a few weeks old. Being the dedicated francophile that I am, you can imagine my excitement when I first heard of its development, and this past weekend, my friend Paige and I made… 

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Cocktail Hour: Carpano Antica Formula Aperi-tea-vo

“Cocktail Hour” is a monthly series in which I try my hand at making simple yet impressive cocktails at home.  The tradition of the aperitivo (apéritif if you are en France) – the pre-dinner cocktail meant to stimulate the appetite – is just one of the many reasons Europeans are better than us. Okay, okay, just… 

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Brown basmati rice pudding

Rice pudding is one of those cozy, comforting foods that everyone has their own tradition for. Some people load theirs with nuts and dried fruit, some get theirs pre-packaged from the store; some eat theirs for breakfast, others reserve it for dessert. My mom would make us rice “kasha” for breakfast on the weekends. Her… 

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Oven-poached flounder with tomatoes and lemon

When it comes to cooking fish, beginner cooks often grow flustered and confused, and just end up making chicken again. Who can blame them? Which fish to buy, how to select it, and how to properly cook it, are not common knowledge – whereas chicken’s always chicken. Well, beginner cooks, I’m here to tell you… 

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Oeufs brouillés with dill (French-style soft scrambled eggs)

The magical effects of a runny egg yolk are well-documented. The beauty of oeufs brouillés – French-style soft scrambled eggs – is lesser known, but not any bit less magical, if not more. I first discovered oeufs brouillés whilst flipping through my beloved Buvette cookbook. As opposed to giggly, often gummy, diner-style scrambled eggs, oeufs brouillés are… 

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Favorite Foodies: Emma Gonzalez of Eat Our Feelings

“Favorite Foodies” is a Q&A-style series in which I feature people I admire from the food world. For this installment of Favorite Foodies, I am so excited to feature Emma Gonzalez, half of the duo behind Eat Our Feelings. Eat Our Feelings is a food-centric web series about two twenty-something New York girls, trying their… 

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Broccoli salad with walnuts and garlic-tahini dressing

Whenever I’m having people over for a buffet/family-style meal, I map out my menu by first deciding what the main protein will be. For brunch, it’s always a frittata. For dinner, it’s usually boeuf bourguignon. This past weekend, my parents came over for an early dinner and I decided to make oven-poached salmon. Along with… 

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