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Best Food Books to Read Over the Holidays

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One of life’s greatest pleasures is having the luxury to get lost in a good book. Since many of us will find ourselves on lengthy plane, train or road trips this holiday season – or just with more time to spare than usual – I thought it the perfect opportunity to put together a list of… 

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Cocktail Hour: How to Make an Egg White Cocktail (Video!)

Hey, guys! Remember when I hinted at trying out videos in last month’s newsletter? Well, I am making good on that promise. I figured the holiday season would be the perfect time to share a neat cocktail trick so here you go. Hope you like it! Subscribe to my channel if you like this video!

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How to Make Healthy Weeknight Dinners in 5 Minutes or Less

A few weeks ago while we were out at dinner, a friend confessed that she ate a bag of candy for lunch that day (which gave yours truly only a mild heart attack). This led to a broader conversation about her eating habits and how she wants to eat more homemade meals but has trouble… 

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Warm Cabbage Salad with Roasted Garlic Dressing

This past Saturday, I woke up giddy as an eight-year-old on Christmas morning, eager to unwrap a package I recently gifted myself – a tripod! I made the transition from iPhone photography to DSLR over a year ago but have not recognized the need for a tripod until now. I think shooting on a tripod versus handheld… 

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Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Puffs)

My first encounter with pao de queijo was a pretty unglamorous one. I was shopping in my neighborhood Key Food, starving, and needed something to nom on while walking home. Passing by the bread section, I noticed a new offering – pao de queijo. It sounded so exotic. And plus, it was bread, so I… 

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Black Bean-Pumpkin Burgers with Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

Every year around this time, the internet is flooded with a slew of pumpkin recipes. Sadly, a majority of said recipes calls for canned pumpkin instead of fresh. Although it’s okay to use canned products from time to time (as long as they’re organic and low sodium whenever possible), what makes these recipes seasonal if one… 

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Charred Broccoli is Your New Favorite Vegetable

Whoever’s idea it was to serve boiled broccoli to humans with functioning taste buds deserves to be put in a corner to think about what he did. To ruin such a versatile, nutritious, and yes, delicious food for the masses is nothing short of a crime. Same goes for the guy who served steamed broccoli. Yuck…. 

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